Courses Taught By Anwar Hossain

New Mexico Tech, New Mexico:

Math 583(Topic Course)- Advanced Data analysis: Graduate Course Text Book: The Statistical Sleuth By Fred L. Ramsey and Daniel W. Schafer, Second edition.

Math 483 - Mathematical Statistics: Senior sequence Text book: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics By Robert V. Hogg and Allen T.Craig.

Math 582 - Statistical Inference: Graduate Course Text book: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics By R. V. Hogg and A. T. Craig and Other Supple. Notes.

Math 384 - Regression and Analysis of Variance Text Book: Applied Regression Analysis and Experimental Design By Richard J. Brook and G.C. Arnold.

Math 589 - Applied Multivariate Analysis: Graduate Course Text Book: Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis By Richard A. Johnson and D. W. Wichern.

Math 283 - Applied Statistics Text Book: Introduction to the Practice of Statistics By David S. Moore and George P. McCabe.

Math 484 - Reliability and Quality Control: Senior Sequence Text Book: Stat. Reliability Theory By Gertsbakh.

Math 583(Topic Course)- Statistical Design of Experiments: Graduate Course Text Book: Design and Analysis of Experiments By Douglas C. Montgomery, Third edition.

Math 382 - Probability and Statistics Text Book: Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Second edition.

Jacksonville University, Florida:

Mathematics Dept. Jacksonville University

Math 305 - Mathematical Statistics for Senior Students Text Book: Mathematical Statistics with Applications By William Mendenhall, Dennis D. Wackerly, and Richard L. Scheaffer.

Math 306 - Regression Analysis for Senior students; Text Book: Classical and Modern Regression With Applications By R. H. Myers.

Math 440/503 - Probability and Statistics for senior students and Masters Educ. Text Book: Prob. and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists by R. E. Walpole and R. H. Myers.

Math 205 - Introduction to Statistics (Service Course): Text Book: Understandable Statistics By C. H. Brase and C. P. Brase.